Our Story

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Fibula began as a dream. Founded in 1991, in Portland, Maine, Fibula was created as a family adventure. Our first gallery opened in the historic center of Portland’s Exchange Street, but early on, the winds blew us westward to Santa Barbara. It was a retail ghost town in 1993, but we were confidant that we would fill a niche. The store grew tremendously in its first five years, and now, we display a great variety of jewelry by local and international designers.

We continue to interpret dreams. Often a couple comes to Fibula searching for a symbol of their love. In those few moments, hearts have a voice and intentions are met. We use our intuition and pay attention to the details. We offer beauty. It is an extraordinary process. Gemstones call out. Jewels wait for those who are meant to wear them. Stones carry messages, memories, and opportunities for transformation and healing.

Realizing a dream to return to Maine, in the summer of 2006, we opened our second gallery in Deer Isle, an island connected by a bridge to the mainland. We now serve Santa Barbara in its year round splendor, and Maine in the summertime! And with the launch of our new website, we connect with everyone in between.

Each of us has a unique expression, which is divine. Fibula jewelry affirms that uniqueness.

Welcome to our family.

Laura Givertz

Our Partners

Fibula designs only the finest materials. We are committed to creating work that celebrates the beauty of nature’s most precious gems and metals, and only partner with suppliers and vendors who share our values and commitment to quality. All of our diamonds are non-conflict.

Arunashi is the collaboration of Arun Bohra and his wife Ashita. The couple continues a rich family legacy in fine jewelry with original designs that infuse old world sensibilities with modern sophistication. www.arunashi.com

OGI creates jewelry for every moment of your life, to celebrate the magical and commemorate the special. Quality and value are paramount to founder Osnat Gad whose collection is equally feminine and timeless. www.ogi-ltd.com

Jack Shargel marries contemporary and ancient goldsmithing techniques to create alluring and beautiful pieces. Exquisite stones and impeccable craftsmanship are cornerstones of his collection.